Ajial Bilingual School Profile 2019-2020

  • Ajial Bilingual School was founded in 2005 to serve the local population of a majority Kuwaiti student body.  It operates as a private school under the auspices of the Ajial National Education Company.  It is registered with the Kuwait Ministry of Education and offers Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade classes. 
  • Al Jeri Holding company maintains a series of portfolios containing a total of 17 schools. The school is located on its purpose-built campus and consists of five floors that house an attending 1,692 students.  Student mobility is limited, and the school population is historically stable.  ​
  • The  Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 5 program was established  by 2007-2008, its Middle School grades 6-8 by 2010-2011,  grades 9-11 by 2013-2014; in 2014-2015, the school added grade 12.  In keeping with Islamic teachings, only Pre-Kindergarten to KG2 is co-educational; Grades 1-12 are housed in segregated facilities  connected by a central administration building.​
  • The instructional program utilizes an American curriculum with English as the language of instruction. The Arabic program follows Kuwait Ministry of Education Standards. ​
  • The school utilizes  MAP tests which are administered 3 times a year for Elementary students, and 2 times a year for Middle and High school . We have begun administering SAT and PSAT exams.​
  • The school has a multinational faculty  providing the school with a definite international atmosphere.  Although many students attending the school are Kuwaiti, the bilingual nature of the school and the diversity among the faculty and staff create a learning environment that is global in perspective. ​