Director Message

October 25, 2015.

WELCOME :         

Ajial Bilingual School is eleven years old and currently has a student population of 1765 students ranging from Kindergarten to grade twelve.  We have over 200 staff (teaching staff, teaching assistants, academic administrators, and support staff) who work diligently to provide a safe, welcoming, academic environment for our students to learn.    

The curriculum provided is a college preparatory program in English and in Arabic based on US and Kuwait standards.

The offerings at Ajial go beyond the daily classroom curriculum.  After school tutoring is offered to support students in their academics.  In addition a variety of activities are offered afterschool to support the students in developing several interests outside of the classroom program.

I am very happy to announce that Ajial Bilingual School reached some major milestones this last year.  We were successful in becoming accredited by not one, but TWO major US accreditation bodies,  WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and Advanced ED, both are well respected accreditation bodies in the USA and internationally.  These achievements are very beneficial for our students who attend and graduate from Ajial as it indicates that the education offered within our school has met the high institutional standards set by these accreditation organizations.   I want to thank all the parents, teachers, students and staff who worked very hard over the last two years to accomplish this goal.

We are currently in a time of transition with new administration and staff.  I am very pleased to announce that we were very successful in recruiting some highly qualified staff that are enthusiastic and will be an excellent addition to our already dedicated and professional returning staff.

Many infrastructure changes have taken place over the summer that will assist in supporting the students and staff throughout this year. 

New staff computers have been placed in each class and all classes from grade one to twelve have interactive white boards.  These resources will assist teachers in differentiating instruction in order to meet the needs of each student.

The environment within the school has been improved.  We are just finishing the process of getting all of the classes painted.  In addition, the theatre has been renovated, with new seats, carpet and stage curtains.

Resources have been ordered that will support your students learning and help Ajial to meet its vision and Mission.

The most valuable resource within any school is the staff who work directly with the students both teachers and support staff.  For that reason it is critical that we as educators remain current and model for the students the importance of life long learner.  Each Thursday students will be released early in order for staff to take part in professional learning opportunities.

Education is a holistic process; it involves all the stakeholders in a community, teachers, students, staff and parents.  There must be communication and collaboration between all stakeholders to provide the most effective environment for learning.  It doesn’t stop when your students leave the classroom.  Learning is a life-long endeavor, and we must imprint that on our students for them to be able to meet the needs and expectations that the future will demand of them. 

To meet the vision of Ajial, to be a widely respected bilingual educational institution and a model of academic excellence focusing on the provision of 21st century skills,  will mean all of us in the AJIAL community must work together and be committed to our students to achieve this goal.

I am confident that we are going to have a successful year and I look forward to what the future holds for Ajial Bilingual School.

Thank you. 


Ms. Marilyn Hyatt,