Naveeda Dashti Message


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Naveeda Dashti and I am the Elementary Principal. I have over 20 years combined experience as an educator, director of education and academic counselor. I obtained my Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in teaching standards for a multilingual school environment and school management. I have taught both here in Kuwait and the U.S.A. Kuwait has been my home since 1995 and I have seen the country flourish and strengthen academically.  I am pleased to be part of the Ajial family and look forward to a thriving and dynamic future for Ajial. As an educator I strongly hold on to the belief that all children can succeed, if given the confidence to do so.

I am delighted to be working with a dedicated teaching staff and support staff; our aim is to provide a nurturing and enriched learning environment for our young learners which build’s confidence, academic success, integrity and cultural awareness, in short global citizens.

The Elementary school department consists of grades 1-5.  Ajial is an accredited bilingual school and our program meets both the American and Kuwaiti Ministry of Education standards. Our Elementary curriculum comprises of English language arts, mathematics, science, art, IT, Arabic and Islamic studies, and physical education. Ajial offers extra-curricular activities as well which support academic learning, sports which support team building skills and clubs giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.

We are committed to excellence in teaching and strive for academic success for all our students. Our pledge is to provide positive learning experiences to make our students lifelong learners.

A fundamental belief of mine is education is the ability to empower your mind, to make a difference and to do so confidently.


Naveeda Dashti,

Elementary Principal