Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten at Ajial Bilingual School provides a caring atmosphere that gives students the freedom to become active and curious learners. Through our day we engage them, laugh with them, listen to their stories and allow space for the unique facets of each child to shine. 

We believe that the acquisition of knowledge should be interactive and that children learn best when engaged in hands on learning and working together with their peers.

Our classroom environment is enriched by playful inquiry and social and emotional support, thus our kindergarten children develop the skills of enquiry, reflection and creative thinking.

We believe that students in kindergarten learn through fun and we encourage them to develop relationships built on trust, joy and respect.

The kindergarten upholds goals that guide our curriculum design and your child’s learning. We meet your child’s individual needs and work in partnership with parents to reach these goals throughout the year.

One of Ajial’s Mission Statements is to promote self- discovery and inquiry based learning that inspires students to be critical thinkers and lifelong learners who take pride in their cultural and religious heritage.

We look forward to greeting each new face with a smile and a hand to guide them to their future.

Kindergarten team