Middle High School Principal

Ajial Middle & High School 2019-20

Welcome back to Ajial Middle and High School as we prepare to show off some of our biggest changes. In line with the improvements we planned to help our students find greater success, we have designed a MHS Library that will offer 800 new texts for research, subject reference books, fiction and non-fiction to grades 6 – 12. It is designed to eventually house up to 3,000 books, and will be led by a librarian from the USA, with a Masters in Library Sciences, who has already prepared for new learning experiences and cross-curricular activities. A schedule for weekly attendance of Middle School students has already been booked, and soon High School will sign up for access. We are investing in improvements to the school which will result in a more productive educational environment.

Another such change is the move to the ground floor Boys level for MHS Art to facilitate easier transition from classes and this space has been equipped with custom built shelving, storage and stainless steel work surfaces for better project work. We welcome a new Art Teacher with AP and IB experience who will help move our Liberal Arts elective program in that direction in the future. There is also a new Elementary Boys’ Art room as well. The establishment of a Senior Class uniform design and a logo for the planned sports teams are the beginning of a new sense of pride and identity as Ajial Bilingual School students, destined to follow in the footsteps of our alumni studying medicine, engineering, dentistry, business, air force pilots, including 13 of our first class of high school graduates five years ago!

Something more important than the physical changes to the school, is the exciting news of returning staff and members of existing staff of the school who have been assembled to complete a new administrative team determined to work together to restore the Ajial Family. We are a team driven by a connection to Ajial students through long service and a sincere desire to build a school united in the vision and dedication to our students’ journey to success. We have begun to restructure learning from Kindergarten to graduation by bridging all departments using skills and expertise in ways that connect students and staff in one purpose. We are extending our reach through community involvement in the High School, as well as more family inspired programs to develop parental skills for supporting each child’s learning at school and home.

We look forward to joining hands with all those who truly believe in the potential for every child to find the joy of learning and the happiness of success.

Best Wishes to All,
Sarrah Al-Gharabally,

MHS Principal