Middle High School Principal


Ajial Middle & High School 2018-2019

Ajial Middle High School continues to evolve and grow in many ways, and we hope that this academic year will be remembered for the most exciting changes yet! One such change is the appointment of the principal and vice-principal from within the school, which we hope will bring understanding, knowledge and a unity of purpose to the improvements for the students and the school community as a whole. All of our MHS students from Grade 6-12 will have Microsoft 365 access to all subjects including Arabic and Islamic studies. A new Parent Portal will help us to better connect to parents with news and school community affairs.

I have the honor of knowing the coming 5th Graduating Class of Ajial as their teacher in Grade 1, 5, 6, and working with them in Grade 11. While each year’s commencement demonstrates the success of our students, I want to empower Ajial students with greater opportunities to shine by offering new High School curriculum choices for the paths they can follow. This year, we have begun adding the options to study electives that are offered in grades 11 and 12, which can lead to graduating in Humanities, Business Studies, or Liberal Arts. Presently, Ajial students graduate with a focus on the Sciences and Math, which has led to Higher Education in medicine and engineering. With the current changes in Kuwait’s oil centered economy, job opportunities and technology are diversifying to suit the country’s changing future. We foresee a need to offer students options that first, suit their skills and strengths, and then create a new generation of youth able to fulfill their dreams and Kuwait’s future.

Each year, new subjects will be introduced as both core, and elective choices that will allow students to go on to become future business owners, architects, IT and media experts, lawyers, or psychologists, to name a few. Every student will receive SATs testing in Year 10, which will help guide their choices. When students are able to take charge of their learning, they will become the learners who model enthusiasm and innovation that will energize the classroom. We aim to develop a sense of pride and ownership for the success of Ajial students and the school’s development. We will initiate an Alumni Wall in Reception to update who, what, and where our graduates are in their lives, as well as another wall to display Notable Achievements of students. The Middle High School team is excited to join students and parents on this journey to brighter futures for all.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new year.

Best Wishes to All,
Sarrah Al-Gharabally,

MHS Principal