Ajial Bilingual School Profile 2015-2016

          Total Staff at the School is (263)

Teaching Staff (158)  including (Homeroom, Computer, PE, Art, Social, Islamic, Memorization, Arabic, English, Floater, LSU, Math and Science)

Other Academic Staff (59) including (Life Guard, Lab Assistant, T.A, Librarian)

Administrative Staff (46) including (Counselor, Assistant School Director, Principals, Vice-principals, Activities Coordinator, Secretary , Doctor, Security, Maintenance, Workers, IT, Accountant Discipline Officer , Curriculum & Accreditation Coordinator , Store keeper, Personnel Officer, Nurse , Registrar , Copier , Reception , Director and Administrative Support Supervisor)

Classes  per  Division

  •    Kindergarten Division Classes                 22
  •    Elementary Division Classes                     37
  •    Middle/ High School Division                  23

           First Class to Graduate :  June 2014

           Curriculum :-    English and Math Common Core Standards

                                             Additional Courses US based curriculum

                                             Arabic and Islamic Studies

          Student Assessments :-   MAP testing, Fast Forward, and Entry assessments