National Day

                                                                                                                      National Day Celebration

The National Day was one of the most important days in the academic year 2015 – 2016. It was an ongoing celebration for the whole campus. A lot of activities were held in various parts of the school. Ajial was an active hive where every member had a role in this huge event.

The day started with the KG/Elementary assemblies on both playgrounds that were full of fun, songs, dances, sketches and games for our blossoming buds.

And the day continued with more fun in the auditorium where middle and high school boys were enjoying the famous poet “Mohammed Hussain Al.Bloshi” who recited one of his patriotic rhymes on the love of Kuwait. The boys had the time of their lives dancing, acting, and celebrating. On the other wing middle and high school girls were having a blast with the games, sketches, national and traditional dances.

The party was not over yet! Middle and high school students were so excited and appeared to have Ajial spirit to compete in raising money for the charity competition “The Right and the Humanitarian” organized by his highness Subah Al.Ahmed Al.Subah the prince of Kuwait in the bazaar they held in both playgrounds on both sides. Students participated in many booths selling various goods, gadgets and tasty Kuwaiti foods.

All Ajial campus had worked together to make that day a huge success. It was a day to remember.